ERC-20 Contract address: 0x7866bffcd9408bf75542d7c4e13d1bdd0983b31d


Parami Protocol proposed an AD 3.0 paradigm powered by blockchain for Web 3.0. It provides a protocolstack for building a user-centric, tokenized advertising economy.

Decentralized Identity

Parami Protocol provides a complete set of PDID (Parami DID) solutions compatible with W3C DID standardonParami Node, and expands its business on the basis of DID standard. Parami Protocol will also provideDID aggregators for other DID standards.

AD Privacy

The AD Privacy Layer provides a personal crypto advertising preference (PCAP) document attached to userDID, which contains user advertising privacy management service. The PCAP document works not only forpayment but also for user preference data. The preserved data can be used but can not be seen.


The decentralized oracle is designed for collecting data from conventional Internet. It is built as partof Substrate Offchain Worker(OCW) and particularly works for Ad verification with low fee and fastresponse.

The native token on Parami Protocol is AD3. It is a UTILITY TOKEN that can be used in 6 scenarios